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Custom ADHD Planner, Staying Focused Journal and Planner For ADHD Minds

Custom ADHD Planner, Staying Focused Journal and Planner For ADHD Minds

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🧠 Dive into the colorful world of ADHD planning with our Bright Purple and Blue ADHD Planner and Journal – because staying focused should be as vibrant as a rainbow! 🌈📘 This isn't just a planner; it's your ultimate toolkit for conquering ADHD challenges, written and designed by someone who gets it – because who knows ADHD better than an ADHD person? 🤔🎉

🎨 We can Create the design you have in mind and match the page designs to the covers. 🌈✨

📝 Open up your 9.5 x 6 160 page front and back journal bursting with ADHD planning strategies – from understanding how you tick to mastering bullet journals, organizing tasks, setting reading goals, and everything needed to keep your ADHD brain in sync! Because navigating ADHD deserves a planner as colorful and comprehensive as your thoughts! 🧠📚

💫🌪️ Heavy-duty spiral binding ready for the rollercoaster ride of ADHD inspiration – because your dreams are as powerful as your bursts of hyperfocus! 🎢🚀

🛡️ Laminated cover? Absolutely! Shielding your vibrant masterpiece from spills and stains, ensuring your design stays as bright and bold as your ADHD journey! 🛡️💖 No fading, no dull moments – just a gem ready to make your ADHD planning pop! 🌟🌌

Embrace the rainbow of ADHD planning with this lively planner journal and notebook – because every page brings you closer to unlocking your true potential! 🎉🔮 #ADHDPlannerParadise #ColorfulFocus #JournalToSuccess


Who we are! We are American, Veteran, and Believe in the American Dream! Everything is handmade, from the art work to the end creation. I design everything myself and create the physical stickers. Now why is this important you ask? Thats because we want you to know that there could be imperfections in our stickers, which we like to call “Love Taps”. So if you see a “Love Tap” and aren’t happy, we will always fix it for you! We take pride in being a small business and we will always go above and beyond to be an amazing company just for you.


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